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25 August, 2020
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25 August, 2020
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Retique It® – Light Wood

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  • Retique It® allows you to apply a layer of unfinished wood on virtually any surface.
  • No Sanding or stripping
  • Light Wood works with any color stain except for Dark Cherry or Red Mahogany.
  • Light Wood gives the best depth/contrast with darker stain colors like dark brown stains.
  • Works well with most stains (See description for preferred wood stain brands)
  • Looks and feels like real wood because it IS wood!
  • No sanding or priming required
  • Water based, Ultra low VOC, virtually no order. Can be applied inside.
  • Easy clean up with soap and water.
  • Transform furniture, cabinets, floors, window frames, drywall, mantles, doors, Ext Siding/Trim, Wainscoting, painted surfaces to have a beautiful wood finish.

Looks and feels like wood because it IS real wood

Genuine Liquid Wood in a Can

Just brush it then stain it to get a contemporary finish

If you want a raised defined grain you can use the graining tool kit. Just apply a second coat of Retique It once the first is dry and grain it while it is still wet. Use the same color or a different color depending on how defined you want the grain.

Over 70% of each can s genuine recycled wood emulsified to particles a fifth the size of a red blood cell. You are actually applying real wood that dries to an unfinished wood surface.

Proudly Manufactured in the USA!

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Pint (16oz), Quart (32oz), 8oz, Gallon (128oz)

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